Keeping fatigue out of the workplace

It’s a shock to the system going back to work after the holidays, particularly after a couple of weeks off. It’s a good time to remember to look after yourself and keep getting enough sleep as the likelihood of a work-related incident can be higher if you are fatigued.

Fatigue is a work-related health risk if it reduces ability and alertness to work safely and effectively. It can also affect people’s wellbeing, impact productivity and lead to safety incidents.

Both businesses and workers are responsible for managing fatigue and the associated risks. Businesses must ensure the health and safety of workers and actively manage workplace risks. Workers need to turn up fit for work and consider their safety and the safety of others whilst there.

Tips for workers to manage fatigue risks:

  • Keep hydrated at work, take your breaks and before agreeing to working overtime think about whether it could impact your health and safety. Ask for a variety of work if you regularly do repetitive tasks.
  • Let your manager know if you’re too tired to work safely, or to safely travel to or from work.
  • At home, aim to get seven to nine hours of good quality sleep and make sure you have time to relax on days off.